The Reaction

“We are pregnant”. These were the words that Jen spoke into my ears on a shiny sunny morning in the month of May 2016. Into my ears, not because of any romantic inclination, but because I was fast asleep and she knows what struggle it could be to get me up.  I got up confused as she handed me the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test stick where the LCD screen was flashing – “Pregnant 🙂 4-5 Weeks”.

I had been waiting for this moment for some time and had prepared various phrases and reactions that I would express when the moment would arrive but strangely, all of those disappeared into oblivion. I realized I was confused. I hugged Jen and said that I loved her and got out of the bed to take Leo for a walk. During the walk, my mind started preparing for the series of meetings I had at work and the work issues that were awaiting my attention from the previous day. Back at home, I discussed the pregnancy with my wife a bit before both of us went on about our ways to work. I was still confused, as it all seemed normal to me, as if it had to happen. Where was the surprise element?

The day went as usual and every now and then, “We are pregnant” resonated within me, taking me into a deep thought; but I was still missing the impact. Is this how other Dad’s would have reacted? The movies show a completely different picture. Or is that, something is wrong with me? I chose to believe the latter possibility.

Driving back home, I didn’t realize that the radio was off and Jen’s words from morning filled my mind in that closed car space. For the first time it hit me that I was going to be a Dad. A Father. I was transported into an imaginary hospital suite where I was holding a little baby in my hands.

Unbeknownst to me, tears rolled down my eyes. I wasn’t crying. Neither was I sobbing. Just tears. The impact.

It doesn’t matter how you react or how you prepare yourself, the feeling of becoming a Father is probably second only to the feeling of becoming a Mother. It is a wonderful feeling. Probably the best ever in a Man’s life.


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