Being Dad

I think it was during the Dating scan at 8 weeks that the idea of a blog came to my mind. I was trying to make head and tail of the moving image of the baby projected on the Ultrasound monitor when I saw Jen staring at the same image and having an expression on her face which I had never seen before. It was as if she was telling herself- this is my baby, with a sense of pride and satisfaction. I thought how great it would be for the baby to see it’s mother now and feel loved. It may not be possible but I still can capture all these moments in writing to share with the child at a later stage. Great!

I developed a personal blog where the conversations were just between the baby and I. I started jotting down the good and sometimes challenging experiences that both Jen and I were going through; and how I was dealing with them. The blog started taking a good form when a friend read the blog and said- why not publish it! ‘Being Dad’ was born.

This blog allows me to treasure and share my experiences with not only our baby, but also the world. And if anyone finds these musings interesting and helpful, it is an added bonus.

So keep coming back for more posts from the life of this Dad-to-Be and if you want to share anything with me, please use the Contact form.